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What are hostels?

Becoming a hosteller, if you wish, doesn�t represent any trouble, because there are no limits for that, everybody is welcome, independent of age, nationality, religion or race.

Everybody talks about hostels and you aren�t quite sure what exactly hostel is and how it differs from a hotel. We are here to explain you.

Hostels are places for meeting which allow individual differences, simple and friendly atmosphere, and all that at very low price.

Hostels are ideal places for individual travelers, families with kids and all other groups (school, sports, etc.) Hostel is type of accommodation which is often used by backpackers or young people with baggage who travel where they want and when they want, making their budget last as long as it is possible.

Specifically for that the hostels are interesting, because price for accommodation is much lower then in hotels. The other thing which differs it from a hotel is that they are less comfortable. They are less formal mean of accommodation and atmosphere is relaxed. While hotels provide certain dose of privacy, hostels have opposite goal: to make people meet and make friendships from all around the world. Hostel infrastructure is such that offers clean and cheap accommodation in rooms in which you can choose between single-bed, double-bed, triple-bed or four-bed rooms, rooms with bathrooms ideal for smaller groups or rooms where number of beds go as far as 20!

In this variant it is unavoidable to have unforgettable moments.

For security reasons, there are lockers and safes for valuable things.

There is more interaction between guests in hostels then in traditional hotels, and many hostels offer variety of activities for its guest for low price or even for free.

It is common to see that some guests stay for few months in one hostel, simply enjoying the atmosphere. Hostels offer different services such as kitchen, laundry service, internet access and discounts for various tourist attractions etc.

Employed can give you useful tips on thing that need to be made, locations to be visited, and best nightlife places.

Because of its good location and possibility for people to meet people of same age from all around the world, hostels represent ideal places to stay for young people. Commonly these places are student rooms and dormitories which are empty (winter and summer time). Also there are other objects used for accommodating people (hotels of lower category, private houses, rest places and others) so accommodating is possible all over the year. There are prejudices of young people in our country that mentioned hotels are bad, but many of them would be impressed in front of any of those hotels.

Hostels are located in various buildings, old, relatively renewed, new buildings or specially hostel intended spaces that will impress you with its interior.

Expect everything, offer is big, and rising competition has brought standards in service and hygiene. All hostels offered by Hostels association of Belgrade, meet international hostel standards brought by IYHF (International Youth Hostel Federation)

That means you can lean on high standards of service in our hostels: Welcome � hostels are open for everyone and our friendly personal will provide you with useful information during your staying, help you find accommodation in another towns or hostels.

Comfort � in every hostel you will find quality bed, sheet and tidy bathroom.

Privacy � sharing multi-bed rooms with co-travelers from other countries gives you opportunity to share experiences, make new friendships but at the same time you can count on privacy in rooms or bathrooms.

We constantly monitor standard and quality of our services, and you help us as our customers.

What is hostelling?

Hostelling is a very special type of traveling. It feels like adventure.

It is exciting and full of energy. Every hosteller lives his own version of hostelling: by traveling, individual builds himself as a person while he learns about different people, cultures or places. Hostels are places in which meet people with adventurous spirit and who seek for new experiences but do not wish to spend a lot of money.

There is no age limit, everybody is welcome independent of ethnicity, religion and skin color. What is important is to be nice to other hostellers during your stay.

Hostels are usually connected in networks, either in boundaries of a country or all around the world. One of the biggest organizations which connect hostels in 70 different countries is Hostelling International Association.

Everybody can become its member. By becoming a member of Hostels association of Yugoslavia, you automatically become owner of HI Association ID card, which looks like this.

HI Association ID card

In some hostels belonging to this network, owning this card is only condition to use their accommodation, while in others you can use the card to claim discount.

Not every hostel can be part of mentioned network. It must satisfy rules brought by Association. It is specially taken care of level of comfort and hygiene.

Of course that price is what is important! It is chosen keeping in mind budged of young people.

What is youth hostels association?

Hostels association is social, non political, non profit organization which deals with youth tourism. In its program it has large number of one to many day excursions.

It supports and organizes sports and cultural manifestations. With us you can travel in Serbia and world. FSJ is member of International organization of Youth Hostels (IYHF - IYHF - International Youth Hostel Federation) This organization withheld youth tourist organizations and associations in around 70 countries, with over 4 million members and close to 5000 hostels.

Internet address of IYHF is

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